Microsoft Dev Camp @ Spazio Geco – Pavia

The IEEE Student Branch of University of Pavia, together with a very special helping team, will organize the first Microsoft Dev Camp in Pavia. This event will be held in Spazio Geco, a new coworking place sited in Pavia, via Carlo Magenta, 11.
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Telecom Italia Photonic Backbone Presentation by Marco Schiano

This presentation offers a survey of wavelength switching technologies and  transmission systems based on phase modulation and coherent detection including the next generation systems based on flexible organization of the optical spectrum.

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5th iOS Bootcamp – The event

The seminar room of the University of Pavia’s Electronic Department was filled with more than 60 people ready to attend the 5th iOS Bootcamp. The speakers were three senior iOS developers from #pragma mark, the biggest and most active iOS and OSX community in Italy. #pragma mark has recently organized similar events throughout Italy and Pavia ...

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5th iOS Bootcamp by #Pragma mark

Ladies and gentlemen, the IEEE Student Branch is proud to announce its next event: the iOS Bootcamp held by the #pragma mark team. #pragma mark is the first Italian community formed by developers focused on iOS and OS X environments. The group was founded with the mission of spreading across Italy the experiences achieved together with a huge amount of projects.

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Lifebility Award Event

The IEEE Student Branch together with the support of the University of Pavia and the Lions Club organized the presentation of the Lifebility Award 2014. In the historical frame of the “Aula Scarpa”, various authorities and representatives of the Lions Club introduced this recognition to all the attendees. The event ha...

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Startup in Pavia? With Luca from Activators

The IEEE Student Branch UNIPV strikes back again on the University of Pavia UCampus web radio with a new special episode of Tech It Easy, the program suited for people who deeply feel tech-addicted and want to know more about science and innovation.

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Lifebility Award by Lions Club

The Lifebility Award is a recognition proposed by the Lions Club for projects focused on technological benefits for social innovation. At present, technology is strongly taking place in smart city life with respect to important aspects such as transportation and mobility, energy and environment, nourishment, tourism and cultural heritage. The aim of the Lions Club is to promote the most innovative and promising ideas of  young people among these fields of interest.

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The Startup Breakfast Club – A retrocomputing experience

If you are interested in computers, vintage electronics and old school video-games, you can’t miss this appointment. The well know Activators Pavia group is organizing the next start-up breakfast called “a retro-computing experience“. Have you ever played  with and Atari 2600? Hacking on LISA? Now you have your...

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