“We are pleased to invite you to a great seminar on Autonomous Driving Cars, which will be given by Eng. Holger Meinel, an established expert in this field, who has worked for nearly 40 years at AEG-Telefunken (a big company, leader in the manufacturing of televisions, radios, antennas and consumer electronics) in Germany. An opportunity to enrich your knowledge with an overview of the steadily expanding market of autonomous driving. We are waiting you on May 23rd, at 2pm, in the Seminar Room, floor D, old Department of Electronics. In the attachment, the poster of the seminar (which is worth 0.2 credits for the PhD School of Electronics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering).
Thank you and best wishes from the IEEE Student Branch of Pavia.”  view flyer1  view flyer2


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IEEE Exemplary Student Branch Award (PAVIA)

December 16, 2016 @ Museo della Tecnica Elettrica Pavia

Visita Presidente Italy Section Prof. Tiziana Tambosso
Life Members Event Responsible Prof. Antonio Savini

Thanks to Prof. Tiziana Tambosso (IEEE Italy Section President)
who presented the exemplary branch award to IEEE SB Pavia for the year 2016
(Chair Enrico Massoni & Counselor Prof. Silvano Donati and the committee board for all the technical areas).

View award photos

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Giovedì 15 dicembre 2016, alle ore 16.00, presso l’Aula Seminari al piano D (Ex Dipartimento di Elettronica) del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione – Facoltà di Ingegneria dell’Università di Pavia (Via Adolfo Ferrata, 5 – 27100 Pavia), si terrà il secondo seminario del ciclo “Distinguished Talks – Insignia Colloquia”, realizzato con il contributo concesso dalla Commissione Permanente Studenti dell’Università di Pavia nell’ambito del programma per la promozione delle attività culturali e ricreative degli studenti.

Relatore il Professor John H...

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Poster Week Closing Ceremony

Event numbers: 2 weeks (November 14th-25th), more than 30 posters, 3 awards.

Laboratories and Ph.D. students organized their activities showing them on posters, attractive solution to make the research visible among young people and helping them in choosing a thematic for their thesis or future works.

Thank you for the widespread help given from professors, Ph.D. students, technicians and all people working in the DIII (Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering).

Thanks to the organizers (Arianna Coccia, Luigi Fregnani) and Alessandro Liberale for the fruitful efforts they made in prepearing this event.

Stay tuned for next events (IEEE Student Branch of Pavia – PESB Pavia Engineering Student Branch and ACERSAT activities).

View photos for presentation of awards 

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Companies meet IT engineers


We are pleased to announce a new career event opportunity for all Information Technology Engineers! The event, called “Le aziende incontrano gli ingegneri dell’informazione – Companies meet IT engineers”, will take place on 29-30 November 2016 at Room EF2, Faculty of Engineering, Via Ferrata, 5 – Pavia. You will have the occasion to know some of the major IT companies today, meet their contact persons and hand on your CV to them.  For further information, please visit the link http://cor.unipv.eu/site/home/dettaglio-home/articolo410005513.html

We hope you will grab this great oppurtunity!!

Best Wishes
IEEE Pavia Engineering Student Branch (PESB)


Siamo lieti di annunciare un nuovo evento dedicato alle opportunità di lavoro nel settore dell’Ingegneria Elettronica e Inf...

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Formation of the MTT-S Student Branch

Official formation of the University of Pavia Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Student Branch Chapter SBC10871 – Ceremony – President Prof. Ke Wu receives a gift from the Chapter

ke wu

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SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT – Foundation of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Student Chapter SBC10871 of Pavia

Prof. Ke Wu (2016 President of IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society) will give a seminar titled “Millimeter-wave Identification, Sensing and Tracking (MIST) Systems for Future Internet of Things and Smart Environment” at the University of Pavia on Monday, 7 November 2016 at 11:00 in the Aula Seminari (Ex. Dipartimento di Elettronica). During the same event the celebration of the MTT-Student Chapter, founded in August and officially approved on October, 13th will be held in the same room.

Seminar flyer: Seminar flyer
PESB flyer: PESB flyer

UNIPV news

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Start-Up Weekend Pavia

Avete voglia di vivere una nuova entusiasmante esperienza? Se siete creativi, vi piace il lavoro di squadra e desiderate intrecciare una nuova rete di conoscenze con il mondo dell’industria e con professionisti di svariati settori, vi segnaliamo che per la prima volta a Pavia avrà luogo l’iniziativa denominata Start-Up Weekend, che vi consentirà in sole 54 ore di concepire un’idea, svilupparla nei suoi aspetti tecnici e non tecnici e presentarla ad una giuria di potenziali investitori, la quale assegnerà dei premi alle migliori idee!

Se siete interessati, potete visitare il link: Start-Up Weekend Pavia
Per scoprire quali sono i premi messi in palio, visitate il link: Premi

Are you willing to try a new thrilling experience? If you are creative, like team work and wis...

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