Conference: from the idea to the business

The University of Pavia organized the event titled “from the idea to the business: opportunities for start-up development“. The event will be hold on 15 of July at 4pm in Aula Scarpa of the University of Pavia. The conferen...

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Pavia Makes @ Polo Tecnologico Pavia – The Event

Pavia Makes was definitely a success! This is what the organizers and all the attendees thought about the first event totally dedicated to the third industrial revolution, the makers revolution. The whole afternoon was dedicated to show to the people how the easy-to-use electronics and the 3D printing could be applied to everything: starting from toys to biomedical prothesis.

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Pavia Makes @ Polo Tecnologico Pavia

Since the electronic revolution came out, Pavia is in the first row for research, innovation and development.

This fact is supported by the high quality of the University, nationally recognized, and by the young entrepreneurs very well motivated. Because of that, Pavia doesn’t envy anything from bigger and more famous cities!


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From Labs to You: the thesis brochure now available!

The IEEE Student Branch of the University of Pavia never goes on holiday!

It’s a great pleasure to present the second edition of the “Master’s thesis brochure”, that wants to help UNIPV students in choosing the most suitable Master thesis according to their interests and their academic background. In this free booklet  you can find all the thesis proposals offered by the laboratories of the the Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, including those to be developed either in external agencies or in off-shore industrial realities.

Download it from the following link: goo.gl/t9EDrN

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Working Capital: #makeinpavia! Call4ideas

Working Capital is one of the most interesting competitions in Italy. It is focused on helping talents on their transition from business ideas to innovative enterprises. The initiative is supported by Telecom Italia and the organizers have found a lot of interest in the young Pavia eco-system.
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Microsoft Dev Camp @ Spazio Geco – Pavia

The IEEE Student Branch of University of Pavia, together with a very special helping team, will organize the first Microsoft Dev Camp in Pavia. This event will be held in Spazio Geco, a new coworking place sited in Pavia, via Carlo Magenta, 11.
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Telecom Italia Photonic Backbone Presentation by Marco Schiano

This presentation offers a survey of wavelength switching technologies and  transmission systems based on phase modulation and coherent detection including the next generation systems based on flexible organization of the optical spectrum.

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5th iOS Bootcamp – The event

The seminar room of the University of Pavia’s Electronic Department was filled with more than 60 people ready to attend the 5th iOS Bootcamp. The speakers were three senior iOS developers from #pragma mark, the biggest and most active iOS and OSX community in Italy. #pragma mark has recently organized similar events throughout Italy and Pavia ...

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