Distinguished Talks – Insignia Colloquia

—– English Version ——

We are pleased to invite you to a seminar on New Advances in Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging for Clinical Treatment Monitoring held by Prof. Darren Roblyer, associate Professor of the Boston University – Boston, MA, USA. We are welcoming you on January 28th at 3 pm. In the attachment, the poster of the seminar (which is worth credits for the PhD School of Electronics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Miroelectrinics).
Thank you and best wishes from the IEEE Student Branch of Pavia and PESB.

Link for the online seminar:

—– Italian Version ——

“Siamo lieti di invitarvi a un interessante seminario sulle New Advances in...

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Distinguished Talks – INSIGNIA COLLOQUIA

L’associazione studentesca “Pavia Engineering Student Branch” (PESB), in collaborazione con il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Infomazione dell’Università di Pavia, presenta il seminario in lingua inglese: “Millimeter-Wave Antennas for Next Generation Telecommunications Networks”. Il seminario verrà svolto lunedì 11 gennaio alle ore 11 e verrà trasmesso in diretta online tramite la piattaforma Zoom. Parlerà il dr. Mauro Ettorre, ricercatore presso il Centro Nazionale per la Ricerca Scientifica (CNRS) all’Università di Rennes (Francia). Il relatore ha ottenuto il titolo di Ph.D. nell’Università di Siena nel 2008...

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Distinguished talks – Insignia colloquia

—– English Version ——
Great announcement! A very interesting seminar is longing for you to participate! Are you passionate about radar localization of satellites? Would you like to understand the fascinating RF and microwave technology behing a ground station radar antenna for deep-space missions? If you wish to answer these questions, you are welcome to take part in a seminar we’re organizing on May 30th at 11 am. The talk will be given by Prof. Angel Mediavilla Sànchez, from Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, who has collaborated with the European Space Agency for a long time.
The event will take place in the Seminar Room, floor D, old Department of Electronics. In the attachment, the poster of the seminar.
Thank you and best wishes from Pavia Engineering Student Branch (PESB).”

Seminar ...

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Photonic Integrated Devices and Systems: Technology for next Generation Telecom Networks

by Prof. Dr. Ghanshyam Singh,
IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer
Associate Professor, Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur, India

14 May 2018, 14:00

Aula seminari ex Dipartimento di Elettronica, D floor

Seminar flyer

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Prof. Naoki Shinohara’s Seminar on Wireless Power Transfer

immagine (3)

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Seminar: From SPAD to Quantum Computers


Seminar flyer: Seminar_Edoardo_Charbon_J18_Pavia

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IEEE SB MTT Pavia seminar

Great seminar today, with super brilliant live demo! Thanks to Dr. Formaggi




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Seminar announcement

IEEE SB and IEEE SB MTT chapter invite you to join this event! Monday the 15th in Pavia!



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