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Tech it Easy is the program dedicated to those who cannot imagine their own life without technology and innovation. On-air every Tuesday at 1pm on the University of Pavia web radio UCampus. The program is presented by Andrea and Stefano, two PhDs from IEEE Unipv Student Branch. Thirty minutes per week to talk about the world of technology in a simple way, accessible to everyone. Tech it Easy is melting pot of amazing curiosities taken from each corner of modern science: here you can find a brief recap of every single episode with many useful web and video links: stay tuned!

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14/04/08 The Social Jungle
Twitter's 140 characters are not enough to list all the active Social platforms that you may find on the Internet. So how can you create your own one without getting lost in this wild and dangerous forest? Let's talk about this with Federico Cardana, the creator of Classmatch, the new promising academic social network.
Classmatch [Web]
Why Twitter is no second Fb [Web]
14/03/18 It! Couldn't! Work!
Are you a science-lover? Are you fascinated by those geniuses that changed our lives with their outstanding ideas? Do you want to become one of them in the future? If so, do NOT follow the example of the IgNobel winners! Let's meet the most bizarre discoveries that grabbed the spotlight at the 2014 edition.
Beetles following the Milky Way [Web]
14/03/11 New trends at the Mobile World Congress 2014
The big&fancy world of mobile communication presented at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona. Together with Luca Moscato and Riccardo Codecà from Funambol to discuss the next-generation smartphones, tablets and phablets, following the never-ending explosion of mobile communication technology.
MWC2014 [Web]
14/03/04Sport versus technology, the final match!
Technology and sports walk together day by day. Tennis judges can benefit from hawk-eye and if you think you have lost your golf ball, an RFID tag will help you to get it back! Engineers developed the Flex-Foot Cheetah, ultra-hi-tech prothesis for disabled sportsmen. What about MotoGP and F1? The researches applied nowadays in motors competitions will help future's drivers.
Radargolf, no more lost balls [Web].
The "full-italian" Engine Control Unit [Web].
14/02/25My name is Easy, Tech it Easy: the 007 science...fiction
In more than 50 glorious years of historical movies, James Bond has paved the way to modern spying technology, from micro-bugs to portable melting laser devices. Tomorrow never dies, let's get prepared for insect drones and smart glasses capable to see beyond the walls.
Insect drones [Web&Video]
Invisible walls [Video]
US army laser [Web]
14/02/18 Let's talk about startup with Luca Ballista
Second episode of Tech It easy dedicated to the startup world together with Luca Ballista, business analyst at Fast4ward. Visit the interview summary by clicking here
Crowdfunding projects [Web]
Kickstarter [Web]
Fast4ward [Web]
14/02/04 Low-cost electronics for humanity
A new industrial revolution has come thanks to the low-cost and fully-accessible electronic devices. Few dollars are enough to provide thousands of books and hundreds of PCs among boys and girls in developing countries. Arduino starts the make-your-own-robot fever thanks to an easy programming language and to very low-cost reasons. NFC represents an easy and cheap wireless communication standard for quick data transfer. In the end, welcome to the 3D printers: undoubtedly the makers' paradise!
The Kano! project [Web]. NFC tags, ready to use [Web].
14/01/28The mistery of data storage
The magnetic tapes were a breakthrough in data storage with tens of decades of life. But now, magnetic hard disks are the basis of data storage: 1TB in a square inch is possible with a cost less than 5cents per gig. The next step concerns the solid state disk (SSD) with over 200 of speed up instead of standard HDs. In the future, our data will be stored in SSDs spread all over the world with cloud architectures internet-based.
NSA builds an enormous spy center [Web]
14/01/21A lab where you can't imagine
Today in Tech It Easy four examples of unimaginable hi-tech laboratories. The LNGS in Italy located under 1400m of rock to study cosmic radiations by means of thousands of sensors. After 3 yrs of hibernation, the Rosetta space probe wakes up and it is ready to study an asteroid through its marvelous lab on-board. Last trending topic in biochemical analysis is the Lab-On-A-Chip: one cm squared circuit to verify the presence of viruses, molecules and proteins from a single drop of blood. Last but not least, the largest observatory in the world called ALMA, set at an altitude of 5400m in Chile and composed bya reconfigurable 66-antenna-system to study deep space mysteries.
The italian LNGS lab [Video]. Rosetta space probe [Video]. The Lab-on-a-Chip techs [Web]. Atacama observatory in Chile [Web].
14/01/14What's new at CES2014 in Las Vegas?
The Consumer Electronic Show is held every year in Las Vegas (USA). CES is the most important show focused on electronics for everyday life. An outstanding exhibition where the biggest companies from all over the world show their tech-jewels. The trending topics embrace the 4K super high-definition video standard, the most recent silicon processing unit for TV, smartphone and automotive and the innovative ROBOTs for intelligent home care.
CES2014 [Web]. The revolutionary 4K definition standard [Web]. NVIDIA Tegra K1 [Web]. Lifetime ROBOTs [Web].
13/12/17beSharp: the startup in-the-cloud
The special Xmas event is dedicated to the new startup era together with a very special guest, Simone Merlini, co-founder of beSharp. Visit the interview summary by clicking here.
beSharp [Web]
13/12/10Recycling and cleaning will be keywords in the future!
Every day several tons of junk are produced. Plastic is so polluting that an island made of bottles is sailing across the pacific ocean. On the other hand, smart recycling processes and bio-compatible materials could be involved. In addition, the ReUSE substrate for electronics stuffs is proposed and the 90% of a PC could be... reused! How's the situation out of the Earth? NASA is mapping junks and found 500 thousands of dangerous pieces of space garbage as big as a "baseball ball".
Onion Ditch Bridge, Ohio (USA) [Web]. ReUSE, by NPL [Web]. NASA orbital debris program [Web].
13/12/03What's behind household electrical appliances (apart from dust)
Household appliances are getting more and more autonomous, eco-friendly and energy-saving. What's next? Hi-tech washing machines requiring just a glass of water, future microwave ovens cooking pasta, meat, vegetables all together in one shot and unbelievable fridges working by means of external heat sources!
OLTU, by Fabio Molinas [Web]
13/11/26Science and travelling: sea, air or earth?
The English Industrial Revolution in 1800 gave birth to the first means of transportation, like internal combustion engine cars and steam locomotives. Today modern technology challenges the laws of nature with 1000km/h Hyper-Loop trains, eco-sustainable wind-cargoships and planes able to carry more than a half-thousand people all over the world.
Hyperloop train [Web], the Vinskip [Video] and the Airbus A380 [Web]
13/11/19A thief stole my wallet with my passwords inside
GPU monsters are on the Earth to eat your passwords in a very short time. But don't panic, close the doors of your web service accounts, keep your children safe in the Cloud cellar and wait for the hackers to give up.
AirSig, access your phone by making an air-signature! [Web] [Video]
13/11/12Long live the wireless King!
High-speed wi-fi connection and TV broadcasting in high-definition quality. Getting high with optical fibers and satellite communication links: no hangover, just future!
The never ending voyage of Voyager I [Web&Video]
13/11/05Are web apps the future of mobile phones?
Nice handy, does it brew coffee too? The typical answer in the early '90s: "Just phone calls, that's more than enough". The typical answer of today: "Sure, I have an app for that!". Is the app world really changing the quality of our life?
How to control your car using "special" glasses [Web]
13/10/29Metamaterials, a look at the undiscovered side of nature
Hiding yourself using Harry Potter's invisibility cloak? Protecting your body thanks to Spiderman's super-resistant web? It's possible today, thanks to metamaterials!
A step closer to the Invisibility cloak [Web]
13/10/22Moore's birthday wishes to transistor technology
From the Bell labs to the (never) coming end of Moore's law, passing through the Nobel prize. Happy birthday to you, transistor! 65 years of success are pretty much, but today you look like much younger (and smaller).
Happy birthday transistor! [Web]
13/10/15A world without technology
How could our ancestors live without the benefits and comforts given by modern hi-tech devices? What they were used to call "science-fiction", today we call "technology"
Superquark, 100 years ago [Video]


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